From the catwalks to your hands. A complete line based on the latest fashion trends.
“Fashion fades. Only style remains the same,” Chanel said. Here, classy black and elegant design come together in a style collection.
Intense colors and romance are never too much to cheer up life!
Pink Stone
Life is hard? We can make it more pink and charming.
Combine and enjoy this “casual fun chic” collection: Golden and black glamour. + lightness of white + polka dots + stripes!
Flowers in 4 designs so that spring lasts the whole year!
Bonded Leather
Planners with reconstituted leather are cool!
Perfect for offices and corporate environments, whit a lot of functionality.
Exclusive and unique products!
For you

We have items for those in love with stationery where all the details are thought to make your life more organized, beautifu,l and fun. We take care of the details to delight the touch and the vision. Enjoy all items from our collections.