The Rigid Box premium packaging range is produced with excellence, innovation, and design. They can follow standard templates or be fully customizable and can be produced in small or large runs.


For delicate and precious items. The Rigid Box are perfect for packing these little treasures.


A box of delights. Rigid boxes make candy, chocolates, and other treats much more attractive.


A package full of flavour. How about using the Rigid Box to pack products like teas, spices, olive oils, jellies, and other selected items? A real treat for lovers of haute cuisine.


An experience that starts in the box. Rigid Boxes speak of the product even before its use and bring to electronic products a perception of its value.


Beauty that comes out of the box. What better icon of beauty than cosmetic products? Rigid Box boxes are the ideal companion for their beauty and elegance!


The best liquids deserve these boxes. Whether for limited editions or line items, when we think of quality drinks your packaging needs to convey its value.


The value of the set! The Rigid Box allows you to put together different products in an elegant case. Whether it’s promotional kits, linked sales, or themed cases, the rigid packaging offers an ideal structure to deliver your idea.