Sabe quando pensaram em tudo para facilitar sua vida? Essa coleção é assim: tem mini blocos, blocos em cubos, caderno multiuso, caderno de receita, agenda semanal, Papertalks, lápis, sticks... Desfrute!


Refil de Caderno Fichário

Os cadernos tipo fichário possuem refil de miolo, com 50 folhas pautadas e refil de separadores, com 10 unidades. Assim, você pode incrementar suas anotações ou reusá-lo se um ano para outro!

Sticky notes with water-based glue

Our sticky notes features water-based glue instead of a solvent one, as some market options do. Benefits? It is non-toxic, odourless, and has good thermal stability!

“Writeable” and “erasable” separators

What are they? They are coated tabs that can be written, erased, and rewritten – with pencils or specific pens – as often as the user wants.

Acid free paper

All refills are produced on Book Slim Millenium paper. This paper is alkaline, off-white, and chlorine-free, produced from virgin cellulose fibres, developed specifically for the publishing market and with high durability.

FSC® + SCS Certification

We use papers with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) + SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) seals. These seals certify that the wood used in papermaking comes from well-managed forests and controlled sources.